Gregory Iron has firmly established his good guy "Handicapped Hero" persona as that of a role model that overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds in the ring. However, Gregory Iron, the performer, may not have ever existed if it wasn't for the real life obstacles that Gregory Smith, the person, endured.

Not only has he overcome cerebral palsy, but as a child, Smith survived relentless bullying, a broken home, and living with a drug addicted mother, among other things. Though Smith could have used experiences like these to drag him down, he used them as fuel for his inner fire, going on to live his dream of wrestling around the country for over a decade.

In recent years, Gregory Iron has parlayed his experiences as a professional athlete and in his own personal life into a motivational speaking career. Both individually and as part of a 2-man speaking team with former WWE Superstar, one legged pro wrestler and tag team partner in "The Handicapped Heroes," Zach Gowen, Iron and Gowen deliver an inspirational multimedia experience for children and adults of all ages. Utilizing video, music and pictures, "The Handicapped Heroes" tailor the speech around a specific themes (overcoming adversity, reaching out for help, self-empowerment, work ethic, bullying, never giving up, etc.), pulling true events from their personal life experiences in an entertaining, comical, and transformative presentation.

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