As a professional wrestler with cerebral palsy, I bring a unique story and character that can sell tickets, attract mainstream press and bring sponsors in for your professional wrestling event.


On top of that, I was trained by WWE's Johnny Gargano, so I can confidently say that I bring a wealth of credibility, knowledge and experience to any wrestling locker room.


I've team regularly with my hero and the man that inspired me to wrestle, former WWE Superstar and one-legged wrestler Zach Gowen.


I've done yoga with Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Van Dam, and Stevie Richards.


I've stood eye to eye with and was called "an inspiration" by then-WWE Champion CM Punk in a viral video.


I've sat at the house of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, trading pro wrestling stories on "The Steve Austin Show" with arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all-time.


And whether performing as a good guy or a bad guy, I've battled the best brawlers, the best high flyers, the best technicians, the best comedians, the best luchadores, the best hardcore wrestlers -- simply some of the BEST WRESTLERS, with
a level of success that a kid in my position wasn't suppose to reach.


I beat the odds. 

On top of wrestling, I've done color commentary, and I helped write and produce pro wrestling television on Sports Time Ohio for seven years.

Whether you want me as a tag team with Zach Gowen,  a singles competitor, or in a backstage capacity -- I'm "The Handicapped Hero" Gregory Iron, and I'd like to lend my wrestling services to you.