Growing up with cerebral palsy, a disability that impacts the right side of my body, I was driven by a chip on my shoulder.

When I entered professional wrestling at age 18, my mission was to show people that even a guy with CP can be an athlete.

What I found out along the way, though, was that what I was doing was much more important and bigger than me.

As I began sharing my story with fans in arenas, on social media, and through television -- growing up in an abusive home, around drug and alcohol addiction, searching for an identity and a sense of belonging, all while living with a neurological disability -- began telling me how I inspired them. They told me what a motivator I was, that seeing someone like myself living a personal dream pushed them to chase their very own.

As cool as that sounds, It was strange for me to hear and read then, and it's still sort of strange now. When I look in the mirror, I'm just Greg -- I'm just a human being. I just happen to be a human that scraped up enough courage to go after the things that I truly desire.

One of the big reasons I decided to pursue pro wrestling was because of Zach Gowen, a guy that I saw wrestle on WWE TV at age 16.
Overcoming cancer, Zach went on to become a wrestler with ONE LEG. Seeing this inspired me. Our careers crossed paths a decade ago, and we realized that as good as our individual stories were, they were much more powerful together.

​We formed a tag team known as The Handicapped Heroesand began traveling across the country. Zach and I realize that whether it be as individuals or as a team, it was our responsibility to share our stories, beyond the ring.

But I realized that if elements of my story was a motivator to others, then it was my responsibility to continue to share that story, beyond the wrestling ring.

And so, I decided to become an inspirational speaker.

When I speak or do a workshop at your school or corporate event, I combine elements of humor with my own personal story of heartbreak & triumph. My story is one that's so unbelievable, no wrestling script writer could've made it up. Yet somehow, it remains a story that's relatable to a kids and adults alike.

I go through and discuss issues like:

  • growing up with a disability/feeling different.

  • chasing your dreams/goal setting.

  • searching for a purpose/sense of belonging; the idea that your goals and dreams don't need to be attached to an occupation or equal monetary value for you to be viewed as "special."

  • dealing with physical and verbal abuse.

  • overcoming bullying.

  • being around individuals that abuse alcohol and drugs.

  • understanding the importance of mental health, and how your viewpoint on situations plays a role in that --

  • among others issues.

​Whether booking myself, or Zach and I as a two-man speaking unit, we can tackle many subjects, a select few, or focus on one specific subject. We're willing to tailor our engagements to best suit your needs.

In the end, my goal is to help you understand just how powerful your perspective, your positivity, your pursuit, and your passion can be, in the life you build around you, and within yourself. 

I am an inspirational speaker, and today my mission is to make a difference:

For the disabled.

For the able-bodied.

For the young.

For the old.

For anybody.

If there's blood pumping through your veins, then you've got the heart to give yourself a chance.

Endure today, fight tomorrow.